Convergences: Teaching, Research and Extension for an Inclusive Education

The 2nd International Symposium on Innovation in Higher Education brings as central theme the concept of convergence, articulating the Teaching, Research and Extension for an Inclusive Education. Recently, the term “Convergence” acquired a new notion and, gradually, took part in areas linked to the use of Internet and information and communication digital technologies. 

In this event, the said term gets highlighted with new features, ideas and experiences to transcend the concept and resignify it to a single area: Higher Education. Therefore, the challenge of this theme is to demonstrate the potential of higher education to innovate and create meaningful educational experiences to society, through activities of teaching, research and extension, around their own curricular, pedagogical and didactic strategies. 

With regard to Convergence, there are many unusual practices circulating today in the universe of education, such as: convergence between media, databases that talk to each other, open education, collaborative learning, communities of practice, convergence in terms of multimodality and didactic resources, as well as convergence and hybridism in pedagogical practices, among others. In view of the integration of these convergences in our daily life and its intensification in the teaching-learning processes, a wide range of possibilities for presenting papers that relate to the theme of the Symposium has been open. 

In this sense, there is opportunity for academic productions and collaborations for the 2st International Symposium on Innovation in Higher Education through reports, analyses and discussions around the convergence of concepts, methodologies, technologies and educational models that respond to the aspirations of Brazilian higher education at a time when social and cultural needs challenge universities. We invite, therefore, professionals, researchers and academics to take part in our Symposium, in order to discuss about the convergence culture in higher education, in the midst of the beautiful Island of Magic.